How This Site Was Made Andes, NY

This site was built because of the love and generosity of the people of Andes N.Y. Without having a typical Chamber of Commerce, there were no funds to contribute to building a site that this unique small town deserved. A GoFundMe campaign was started and in just one month the goal was reached and even exceeded! In January of 2017, the Andes business Committee asked Catskill Creative to build a new site complete with up to date events, rich history and a showcase for Andes’ one-of-a-kind businesses and artists.

The Website features an Events page that pulls various events from all over the web to compile 1 single master list of everything that’s going on in Andes. “Andes Now” gives users views of downtown Andes in realtime so you can see the weather and amazingly beautiful views of sunsets. In addition, every business owner in Andes has an opportunity to create their own profile and upload their information to make a personalized portrayal of their business. New businesses can register at any time by going here. Below is a list of every amazing person that helped make it possible for this site to be created.

The Gofundme campaign will be left open for anyone that wishes to contribute to the upkeep of this site. That includes hosting, upgrades and new features through the upcoming years. Andes, NY is truly grateful for all your support, have fun exploring our town!


  • Allison Cassara (Photos)
  • Andes Art & Antiques
  • Andes General Store
  • The Andes Hotel
  • Andy Wos
  • Anna & Steve Carmosin
  • Catskill Creative
  • Christopher Lindsey
  • Cyndi Wright
  • Dar-View Maple
  • David Capps
  • Debbie Marmaro
  • Dorothy McArdle
  • Eugene Wagner
  • Evans & Evans Farm (Photos)
  • Gary Feazell
  • Guy DeFeis
  • Joanne Callahan
  • Joe Damone (Photos)
  • Joe Evans
  • John O'Loughlin & Nina Gould (Copywriting)
  • Katherine O'Neill
  • Mark Zilberman (Photos)
  • Meagan Montisci
  • Marlys Hann
  • Mel Bellar
  • Merna Popper
  • Paisley's Country Gallery
  • Peter Ames
  • Robert Lidsky
  • Shelagh Krueger
  • Skip Parcell
  • Stephanie Theado
  • Steve Kawalek
  • Susan Cole
  • Suzanne Fortin
  • Tom and Mary Prendergast
  • Two Old Tarts & One Smart Cookie
  • Wayland & Suzanne Gladstone
  • Wayside Cider
  • William Duke