Ballantine Park Andes, NY

Ballantine Park is a little gem of a park in downtown Andes where you can walk along the Tremperskill and listen to its music.

We got the following message from Maria Ditchek and Marty Donnelly, who serve as the trustees of the park:

Ballantine Park was mostly a marshland accumulating trash and debris.   George Ballantine, owner of the property, envisioned a park for all to enjoy.  He not only conceived the park’s design but did most of the work himself, with the occasional help of volunteers.  Once the park was completed, in 2005, the Town of Andes purchased it through Member Item Funding provided by Senator Bonacic.

The maintenance and upkeep of the park is fully funded by donations.  No Town funds are used.  The park is maintained and mowed weekly during the season so that all may enjoy Andes’ special gift.

We need to remove approximately 30 dying trees as they present a hazard to park visitors.  In the spring, we would like to replace as many of these trees as possible.

The two park trustees, Maria Ditchek and Marty Donnelly, would appreciate your donations to this wonderful cause.

Please send your contribution to:
Friends of Ballantine Park
PO Box 205
Andes, NY 13731

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