See what the NY Times has to say about the Andes Hotel! in Andes, NY

See what the NY Times has to say about the Andes Hotel!

Carved out of the wild heart of upstate New York, Route 28 is shaped like a kindergartner’s C — wiggly, squiggly and questionably curved — looping north to south, from the Adirondacks all the way down to the Catskills. Quick it ain’t: a two-hour highway drive from Warrensburg to Kingston can take three times that long on Route 28.

But its pleasures are worth it. In the north, Route 28 meanders near lakes like George past ski joints like Gore. Its Adirondack portion crosses the churning headwaters of the Hudson River. Farther south, it passes by splotches of fresh water, tiny towns with names that tell you who lived there before (Indian Lake) and why (Old Forge), and skirts classic-sounding outposts like Utica and Rome. Then it drops down to Cooperstown, home of the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum, where legends like Mickey Mantle, Willie Mays and George Herman Ruth, aka The Babe, have their plaques hung for all posterity.

From there, the route goes by red barns, green pastures, white steeples, the occasional overgrown silo or collapsed farmhouse, the crashing waters at Colliers Dam. After crossing Interstate 88, Route 28 becomes a drive made for drivers: rolling and pitching as mountains and valleys vie for the road. Part of the pleasure is not knowing what’s around the next bend. One surprise is the Andes Hotel, which was founded in 1850 and still offers lodging and liquor, with modern-day drinkers happily occupying the hotel’s spacious front porch. Read More

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