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Workshop On Plumbing Repairs you can Do by Yourself (DIY)

Don’t be afraid of DIY plumbing repair projects! If you have a little mechanical aptitude, and an “I can do it” attitude, We’re sure we can help you with your DIY plumbing repairs. In this workshop learn equal importance on the proper handling of materials, using the right tools for the job and an end result that maintains proper standards of Cleanliness. 

Many people aren’t able to handle the challenge of DIY plumbing repair. There’s nothing wrong with that…for those folks, this workshop is their best choice. You’ll be able to get your tools and supplies, and tackle  diy plumbing repair lists easily on your own. 

We’re always there to  service you for a sudden crisis with your plumbing which you can’t tackle.

With Pride’s Plumbing packages, you can receive the luxury of maintained assistance and extend the longevity of your plumbing system and improve the overall health and safety of your home.

Call Pride Services +15162184877 and sign on to our annual check-ups so those potential problems are averted before they start.


  • Date: Jul 12
  • Time:
    2:00 pm - 4:30 pm


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