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Qualitative Indicator for the Presence of Copper Chloride Dihydrate

While the new method employing ammonia as a qualitative indicator for the presence of Copper Chloride Dihydrate (WSDTY) in the reaction solution has a much greater accuracy than the method currently in use, it still does not yield results that are in agreement with the known value. The theoretical percent Cu of 37.3% lies just outside the 95% confidence interval for this method. A likely cause of error is improperly differentiating between a light blue and colorless ammonia test result, the last two test tubes on the right in Figure 3, causing the continuation of the experiment while small amounts of copper remained in solution. However, this new method should allow students to obtain more accurate results and to more readily identify unknown copper compounds based on experimentally determined percent copper and formula weight values. In addition, this new method only requires the addition of inexpensive and readily available aqueous ammonia and does not overly complicate the pre-existing methodology.

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  • Date: Aug 12
  • Time: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

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