Andes, New York & Kabinett & Kammer Written Up In Shopping Confidential By Yale Breslin in Andes, NY

Andes, New York & Kabinett & Kammer Written Up In Shopping Confidential By Yale Breslin

“I love going upstate to Bovina, where my friend Christine’s parents have a place, and a trip there is never complete without a little shopping excursion in the town of Andes. It’s amazing how small the ‘downtown’ is, and the shopping center is pretty much on one teeny tiny little strip of Main Street. But even so, you can pretty much find all you need to make the best weekend trip ever: food, vintage clothing, and antiques. In fact, every time I come back to the city, there is one store in particular, called Kabinett and Kammer, that I’m always thinking about. You know, planning the next trip to see what new treasures they’ll put out and clearing space in my apartment for some of those new things, etc. Unfortunately, Bovina is about 3 hours away, and because of our busy schedules, we don’t really get there as often as we’d like, so you can imagine how I felt when they recently opened a space in the East Village, just a few blocks away from John Derian.”

“It’s the most amazing antique shop filled to the brim with curiosities like sea fans, bell jars, taxidermy, and anatomical prints. I know we’ve seen these before, but they somehow manage to choose the cream of the crop, and arrange them in ways that make you feel like you’ve really stumbled onto something. Their furniture is exceptional and everything is reasonably priced for what it is. Walking into the store gives me so much visual inspiration, and though it’s filled with so many things, it never seems cluttered like a lot of antique shops do. I won’t stop thinking about the store in Andes, but at least I can have my quick fix closer to home if I’m craving some amazing retail therapy! Read More

Andes, NY and Clementine Vintage Clothing Store mentioned on Martha Stewart’s Blog

One week ago Sunday, I took a drive through the Catskill Mountains with my friend, Kathy Sloane.  Kathy and her husband, Dr. Harvey Sloane, have a weekend house there and they wanted me to see the renovations they recently have made.  We were also invited to a luncheon at Beaverkill Valley Inn by Kathy’s good friend, Larry Rockefeller and his wife, Wendy.  Larry has been very involved with restoring the inn and preserving the entire Beaver Kill area from any future otis10.local:5757.

Built in 1893, this lovely inn was a lodge for anglers coming to fly fish for trout in the nearby, pristine Beaver Kill River, a tributary of the East Branch of the Delaware River.  This area has a unique and important history because in the early 1900’s, area resident Theodore Gordon and other local anglers invented the American technique of dry-fly fishing.  They perfected the art of fly tying and the craft of making fly rods from split bamboo.  After a very pleasant lunch and a visit with Larry and Wendy, Kathy gave me a little tour of the charming nearby town of Andes. Read More