Stephanie Charlene Ceramics Andes, NY

I draw on my memory of the pottery my grandmother used when I spent my summers in Troyes, France.

My family had lived in this medieval town for over 600 years and our house was filled with functional ceramic and metal kitchenware handed down from generations.  I remember eating crepes on solid, simple plates and drinking delicious cold cider in stoneware cylinders.  Ancient water pitchers were scattered throughout our garden.  Drawing on my childhood memories,  My pottery is simple, quiet and centering, helping to ground an over stimulated world.  Customers appreciate these classic forms that are sometimes decorated only by fire and soda ash.  My pottery is at home in a variety of decors, whether it is a simple Japanese inspired cottage, a hand-hewn cabin in the woods, or a contemporary home in the city.

While the visual balance of color and design are important, what keeps you coming back to a favorite mug lies in its touch-ability. On all my pots, I put a special emphasis on the comfort of my organic, sculptural handles and lugs.  The Pot Belly mugs are designed to look fertile and feel richly full cupped in ones hands. The ergonomic shape of my steins makes them easy to carry about, all the while keeping your beverage hot or cold. I pay special attention when making my pitchers and teapots to make sure they are comfortable to handle and pour well.   All my pots are fired within my gas kiln using a high fire soda treatment, which paints the pots with texture and flashes of orange and grey.  At the end of the firing, around 1250 C, I inject a mixture of soda ash and water into the kiln. This glazes the pots as mentioned above. They are dishwasher and microwave safe.

In today’s world of disposable items, my handmade pottery has found its place in the sustainable marketplace.  I only produce high fired stoneware pots, which will withstand heavy use for many years.  I fire my pieces one time, compared to the double firing practices of most potters. This cuts my fuel consumption by 1/3.  I use well water in my manufacturing process and never discard waste into the ground water. The Little Delaware Pottery studio is warmed by a passive solar sunroom and I heat it with a special woodstove during really cold days.  Most importantly, my designs inspire a love of the natural world, perhaps fostering a sense of stewardship for our earth and an appreciation for locally made, environmentally friendly product.

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